About us

We provide awesomness!

Reward points program

We reward our customers with point through our reward program which allow them to redeem it for prizes and products.

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We can provide support remotely to almost any countries and ship parts also to any countries.


We can work with you to design the website that meets your needs even it if is small ideals.


We handle all projects small and big with the same determination. You may also contact us to be a Ecommerce advisor to your online ideals and we will work with you to ensure that your ideals gets off the ground correctly

years of experience

As the years have been we have build experience from the repair business to the changing phase of going online. PC Trouble shooting, installation, wordpress, virus , OS and much more.

Our timeline

Our roadway and progress in the past years
  • 2005Started providing support online

    We began the adventure of doing small repair online for visitors and friends
  • 2017Reward points

    Launch the Digital Bits points reward program. Clients and users will be awarded points for using our service and sharing our website content and products.
  • 2015Website support

    With the ever growing presence of Wordpress, we decided to provide full support to the demand that we saw.